Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Barack Hussein Obama (Still) A Muslim?

The national news media, acting as the Palace Guard for "Dear Leader" Barack Obama, is fiercely protective of Obama's image. Facts about Obama's religious upbringing as a Muslim have been censored and attacked. The media tells us that it is perfectly okay for any American to be a Muslim. Our Constitution forbids any religious test for anyone to serve in government. But it is not acceptable to the media to inform the country about President Obama's Muslim roots as a child, and who they voted for.

On February 27, 2007, Barack Hussein Obama described the Muslim call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset," in an interview with Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times. Obama's comment is especially odd
because no one forced to listen to the "Adhan" would call the screeching song 'pretty' without enormous indoctrination into Islam. Obama also told Kristoff how he was once caught making a face at a classmate during Koran study classes.

Even more astonishing, Obama then sang perfectly the entire Muslim call to prayer to Nicholas Kristof "with a first-class [Arabic] accent." Not only had Obama memorized the call to prayer precisely, but his long years of experience in singing it to melody was so extensive that his Arabic accent was 'flawless.'

According to Islamic scholars, reciting this Muslim declaration of faith makes one a Muslim. The words express a Muslim's complete acceptance of, and total commitment to, the message of Islam. The opening lines chanted by Obama say: "Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! I witness that there is no god but Allah! I witness that there is no god but Allah! I witness that Muhammad is his prophet! " Having attended Islamic religion classes, Obama knows this.

Recent events have now revived questions about Obama's allegiances. On April 14, to deliver another speech on the economy, the President demanded that Georgetown University cover up the name of
Jesus in a campus hall before Obama gave a speech there.
(The speech was widely interpreted as an attempt to defuse the tea parties scheduled for April 15.)

The gold "IHS" monogram inscribed high on the wall was covered over by a piece of black-painted plywood, and remained covered over the next day, reported. Georgetown University confirmed this to the Washington Times. "IHS" is a "Christogram" derived from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus. "IHS" is also sometimes said to mean Iesus Hominum Salvator ("Jesus, Savior of men" in Latin).

So why would someone claiming to be a Christian first choose a private Catholic University as the location for a speech to appeal to conservatives on the eve of tea parties, but then demand that Christian symbols be covered up? Why didn't Obama, as a professed Christian, want pictures of him speaking below the Christian symbol "IHS" visible in the Muslim world?

Meanwhile, another event this week in Kenya brought this taboo topic to attention once again. Obama's grandmother, Sarah Obama had arranged to be baptized to become a Christian in a large evangelistic revival in Kisumu, Kenya. The event led by Australian evangelist John Jeremic filled the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground for
several days.

When the van arrived to bring Obama's grandmother to the Christian service, her son Saidi Obama refused to let her go, insisting that Obama's Grandmother is a Muslim. Her son said: "I did not understand why they were asking her to attend a Christian ceremony, yet she is a Muslim." Her son described this as the
decision of most of her family. However, two of Sarah's sisters-in-law had previously accompanied Mama Sarah to earlier sessions of the evangelistic crusade, and had taken her to the Christian Church for the previous three weeks.

This incident confirms that (a) Barack Obama's Kenyan family is largely Muslim, and strongly so, opposing grandmother Sarah's desire to convert to Christianity, and (b) Barack Obama's Kenyan Grandmother does not believe she is yet a Christian and was preparing to become a Christian through baptism at the event.

At the G-20 summit of the world's 20 largest economies, President Obama bowed reverently to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah.. By contrast,
Obama did not bow to Queen Elizabeth of England, other than to simply look down from his greater height, standing straight..

Of course, Saudi Arabia is the guardian of the Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Medina, making King Abdullah very important and revered among Muslims. Therefore, a Muslim would instinctively give reverence to His Majesty, the "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques." By contrast, the British Monarch is technically the head of the Church of England. Obama did not bow to the royal queen who is guardian of the world's first and oldest Protestant Christian Church.

Diplomatically, the summit placed the heads of state on an equal footing. Therefore, President Obama's sign of subservience and allegiance to the king of Saudi Arabia was diplomatically incorrect. Saudi's king was obliged to treat the President of the United States with equal respect no less than he received. Then, continuing his
tour into Turkey, Obama declared that the United States is not a Christian nation and does not consider itself a Christian nation.

Most Muslims do not recognize the possibility that a Muslim can ever leave the Islamic faith. Islamic converts to Christianity are put to death around the world, in accordance with Islamic teaching, sometimes by their own families in "honor killings."

It is undeniable that Barack Obama was raised as a Muslim. Obama's biological father was a Muslim, as is most of Obama's extended family in Kenya even today. Obama wrote in his auto-biography that his father had lost faith in religion. However, Muslim communities do not accept this concept of a non-practicing Muslim. "Once a Muslim, always a Muslim" is their approach. Therefore, Obama's extended family and neighbors would have demanded the son's regular attendance at a local Mosque with the entire community.

Obama's mother later re-married to Lolo Sotero (or Soetero), also a Muslim, and an Indonesian citizen. In Indonesia, Lolo enrolled their son, then "Barry Sotero," in school. Obama's step-father had to identify Barry's religion, since religious instruction is a required part of education in Indonesia. "Islam," wrote his father.

This choice determined which religious instruction the future President was enrolled in: Muslim, Buddhist, or Christian. Obama's identification as a Muslim is documented by his school registration papers in that country, first obtained by a citizen journalist "Israel Insider."

Thus it is beyond dispute that Barack Obama, then Barry Sotero, was trained as a Muslim in his youth. He was presented to all other Muslims in the school and community as a fellow Muslim, by his participation in Islamic classes. That would compel him to attend Mosque with his classmates and his Muslim father Lolo. In Islam, one is automatically a Muslim if the father is a Muslim. One of his classmates Emirsyah Satar, now CEO of Garuda Indonesia, said: "He (Obama)
was often in the prayer room wearing a 'sarong', at that time," and "He was quite religious in Islam...."

It must be said that rumors during the campaign that Obama attended a "Madrassah" as a youth were false. A "Madrassah" is essentially a form of child abuse, in which young boys are taught nothing but memorization of the Koran. Not only are Madrassah students indoctrinated in extreme, militant views of Islam, but they emerge with
no skills or useful education with which to get a job to support themselves. Their lack of options further pushes them into Islamic Jihad. While a great many mysteries remain unexplored about Obama, the news media leapt into action, flying reporters to Indonesia, to prove that Obama's school there was not a Madrassah. But Obama's enrollment in the school as a Muslim was confirmed (though buried).

Nevertheless, Obama presented his unusual, international childhood as his main qualification in foreign affairs for the Presidency. Early in the campaign, we were told that because Obama had lived overseas, he could understand and relate to other countries. Because he had been trained as a Muslim, he could reach out to the
Muslim world and understand their mindset. Working as a community organizer in Chicago did not provide experience in foreign affairs, so his campaign depended upon his international childhood. But it has now become taboo to mention it, just as mentioning his middle name "Hussein" is harshly criticized. (Since Obama changed
his name back from Barry Sotero, he could have legally removed the "Hussein" in the process had he wished to. He did not.)

However, Barack Obama professes to have converted to Christianity approximately 20 years ago in Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, under the leadership of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. It is certainly common for Americans to change religions, and well-accepted. Many insist that a person's claim to be a Christian should
never be questioned. The very idea of doubting a person's professed choice of religion is offensive to many. Many of various religions demand that if Obama claims to be a Christian, his declaration cannot be questioned.

However, many other Christians place great importance on the authenticity of conversion, citing the many warnings of Jesus about people who will believe they are followers of Jesus, but on Judgement Day Jesus will tell even those who performed miracles in Jesus' name "I never knew you, depart from me, you who practice lawlessness."

Matthew 7:23. They warn that a clear understanding of who Jesus is and what salvation means is vitally important. Without a clear understanding, a person may falsely believe they are a Christian, leading to personal tragedy. Also, Jesus spent a great deal of His Ministry challenging the depth and reality of people's
relationship with God.

Adding to doubts is Obama's claim that Christianity is only one of many alternate paths to God. According to columnist Cal Thomas, Obama gave an interview in 2004 to Chicago Sun-Times religion editor Cathleen Falsani for her book, "The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People." Obama told Falsani: "I believe there
are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people." According to Falsani, Obama thinks that "all people of faith — Christians, Jews, Muslims, animists, everyone — know the same God." Falsani adds, "Obama doesn't believe he, or anyone else, will go to
hell. But he's not sure he'll be going to heaven, either."

However, Jesus explicitly stated that there is no other way to God without Him. See John 14:6. Jesus also warned against false prophets who would come after Him, and commanded Christians not to listen to them. Matthew 24:11-24. And the essence of
salvation through Jesus Christ involves absolute certainty -- that is, faith -- that one will go to heaven because of what Jesus did for us on the cross (not at all based on our own worth or works).

On June 28, 2006, Obama sarcastically mocked the Bible at the Call to Renewal Conference, implying that the Bible could not be trusted, while taking Biblical quotes out of context.

In an ABC News interview, Obama said that "John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith." Only when George Stephanopolous corrected him, did Obama change "Muslim" to "Christian."

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama described how he had visited 57 of the 58 States. While slip-ups on the campaign trail are not new, in fact there are 57 States in the Organization of Islamic Conference.. So the number of Islamic OIC States appears to have sprung more readily to Obama's mind than the 50 States of the U.S.A.

Does membership in Rev. Wright's church mean Obama became a Christian? On February 15, 2008, Usama K. Dakdok, President of The Straight Way of Grace Ministry called Trinity United Church of Christ and reported the following conversation: " I then asked the person who answered what I needed to do to join. She told me that I needed to attend two Sunday School classes in a row and then I would walk the aisle. I replied, "That sounds easy. One last question please. If I am Muslim and I believe in the Prophet Mohammed, peace be unto him and I also believe in Jesus, peace be unto him, do I have to give up my Islamic faith to be a member in your church? She answered: "No, we have many Muslim members in our church."

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church does not inspire confidence for those wondering about the authenticity of Obama's introduction to Christianity and conversion. Trinity United Church of Christ appears to have been little more than a left-wing political club. From what we can tell, Jesus was rarely mentioned, and then only in his guise
as just a moral teacher. So was Barack Obama confronted with the true identity of Jesus Christ as Creator of the Universe (see John 1), God
and Savior, and explained the complete meaning of the gospel and Jesus' death on the cross? Obama attacked Black pastors who preach the Bible, while praising Wright.

So could a Muslim attend a Christian Church for 20 years? Actually, yes. Muslims honor Jesus very strongly as a great prophet of God, really the second greatest prophet to Mohammed himself. Islam teaches that Jesus Himself will stand up at the end of the world and confirm that Mohammed is the true Prophet of Allah. Most Muslims have a higher opinion of Jesus than many casual pop Christians in America. However, Muslims adamantly deny that Jesus
Christ is God or that Jesus died on any cross.
They believe that God swapped Jesus for someone else at the last minute, and it was a murderer who died on the cross instead. Since Islam denies that Jesus is God, they view it as an outrageous idea that God would pick some random man to die for mankind. Islam teaches that Jesus was a Muslim (as was Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Moses, King David, etc.)

So a Muslim could feel comfortable sitting in a "social gospel" liberal church that presents Jesus as only a good teacher, and never preaches Jesus as being God Incarnate or the Savior who died for our sins. Obama was exposed mainly to political speeches from the pulpit with a little bit of Jesus-as-just-a-good-man thrown in.

Joining Rev. Wright's African-American mega-church was surely no accident. For any Black man interested in a political career in Chicago, membership at Trinity United Church of Christ was almost a requirement. Black churches play a very major role in the Black community, and Wright's mega-church more than most. Wright's highly-poltical, "Jesus-lite" brand of almost-Christianity attracted visits and speeches from politicians all over the area. Wright's politics-heavy church was the perfect place for Obama to make his early political contacts, get noticed, and get connected for his later runs for office. (Note that Wright's church is unusual
and very different from most Black churches. Many Black churches are vastly more sincere, devout, serious, deep and profound in Christianity than the typical White church.)

So did Obama convert to Christianity in Obama's church? Or did he simply make a career move by professing to join Trinity United Church of Christ? Even if Obama thought he was learning about the real Jesus, did Rev. Wright's brand of anti-American politics starve and deprive Obama from an encounter with the real Christ? Could Obama have truly wanted to know Jesus, but was cheated with a counterfeit Christ instead? Does Obama not even realize that he does not yet know God?

But would a Muslim sit through Rev. Wright's sermons for 20 years? Islamic teaching encourages strategic deception, when necessary, to advance Islam throughout the world. It is possible that a Muslim could intentionally pose as a convert, in a church that talked about Jesus as only a moral teacher, as Muslims already believe.

Of course, everyone must seek out God and find Him. It is reported that President Abraham Lincoln, one of our two greatest Presidents, received salvation through Jesus only very late in his Presidency. After many years of quoting the Bible, as deep analysis of the nation's crises and as great encouragement, Lincoln himself came to realize he had never actually been "saved." Lincoln had only an intellectual education in the Bible, but not a personal faith or experience. It is reported that one evening the President -- all alone -- knocked on the door of a pastor in Washington, D.C. After they talked for a few hours, the pastor led Lincoln in praying the sinner's prayer and giving his life to Jesus. Obama likes to compare himself with Lincoln also of Illinois.

Likewise, perhaps God may also lead Obama to understand that there is more than Obama has yet found, and bring Obama to salvation at the right time.


jason dikes said...

but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Jonathon Moseley said...

The question is not about whether Obama can legitimately serve as President. You are reading that into the topic from your own assumptions.

On the other hand, if we need to know who Christine O'Donnell dated as a teenager and what other "religious" ideas she explored before converting in college to Christianity, why would lack curiosity about who the President of the United States is and what he believes?

Why is this so interesting about Christine O'Donnell but not about the most powerful government official on the planet, Barack Obama?

Jonathon Moseley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonathon Moseley said...

NOTICE: Mother Jones reported incorrectly today that I worked in both Christine O'Donnell's 2008 and 2010 Senate campaigns.

THIS IS INACCURATE. Mother Jones is correcting the story, but others are copying the story around the internet already.

I was the 2008 campaign manager for Christine O'Donnell's primary campaign. At the May 4, 2008, Republican State Convention, Christine O'Donnell was chosen by the Republican Party of Delaware to be the official Republican nominee for US Senate. This ended the primary campaign, as her opponent accepted the endorsement of Christine by the convention.

I worked only on Christine O'Donnell's 2008 primary campaign. During that time I was also for a short time the Treasurer for the 2008 primary campaign. I filed the paperwork as Treasurer to meet the deadline imposed by the FEC while Christine searched for a Delaware Republican to fulfill this role. I was only named as Treasurer so we would not miss the deadline for filing the appropriate paperwork. I had no desire or intention to be a Treasurer.

I have not communicated in any way with Christine O'Donnell nor her campaign since June 2008, except concerning payment of old unpaid expense reimbursements from 2008. Her campaign eventually paid off my expenses.

As a private citizen, I have been and will continue to be outspoken in my personal opinion that Christine O'Donnell will make a great US Senator.

Everyone else is talking about the campaign in Delaware. I will, too.

As a private citizen, I will be very active both in telling what I know about Christine O'Donnell and trying to organize voters and volunteers to help her get elected.

But I have not had any relationship of any kind with either Christine O'Donnell's campaign nor Christine herself nor anyone related to her campaign or any other part of her life since June 2008.

When Christine O'Donnell attended the Values Voter Summit, I was very careful NOT to talk to her so that there can be no misunderstanding of any coordination.

WickerMelody said...

Your banner says no propaganda. Bull puckey! This article is the definition of propaganda.

Laurence St.Lyon said...

As a Brit I have no personal stake in this argument. I suspect that Jonathon and many of his readers would consider me left wing.

However, I do find President Obamas comments about the Muslim call to prayer interesting.
Only a Muslim or someone totally ignorant about Islam would find it so. President Obama is certainly not the latter.
To non-Muslims in Islamic dominated countries it is a continual reminder of their status under Islam as "Dhimini" or second class. The word of a non-muslim man is worth half that of a Muslim. So he needs to find twice as many witnesses in a case under Sharia law.

Here in the UK we have such calls in Islamic dominated neighbourhoods and yet Church bells that have run out for years in the same area are suppressed.

Personally, you can believe the moon is made of Swiss cheese if that makes you happy (I might debate with you on it though) but why should he lie?
Of course for a Christian to deny their faith is sin. For Islam, if it saves your life/furthers the cause, it is permitted and in some places mandated.

So should this be a cause of concern? Well yes if he is lying.

Especially when both our countries are at war with elements of the same philosophy/religion and its more vocal adherents seek to destroy or convert us tacitly (or actually) supported by a silent majority.

You also need to understand that Islam is not just a matter of faith. It is complete political, legal, economic and social system.
Admittedly routed in the 8th century.

Now if you are an adherent of that system open or not then that should be a cause for concern.

Jonathon Moseley said...

Dear WickerMelody:

You are entitled to your opinions and your right to speak as is everyone, including Pres. Obama, of course.

However, my article does not come to a conclusion. It lays out the case for questions. It is being MISREPRESENTED by the JOURNOLIST attackers on Christine O'Donnell.

But what exactly do you find to be propaganda? Which of the facts stated in the article can you dispute as factually untrue? Note that I have documented these issues with links, most of which are still active websites. Specifically which FACTUAL statements about Obama do you find to be untrue?

Jonathon Moseley said...

A poster "JUDE" at Mother Jones added a point I had overlooked in my article:

"I certainly believe he is a Muslim. He has openly ridiculed the Bible, and refers to the Koran as the "Holy Koran". Now, either the Bible is the Holy Bible or the Koran is the Holy Koran. If he were a Christian, he could not consider the Koran holy. Either the Bible is truth or the Koran is truth. You can't have it both ways. Also, no one who believed that Jesus Christ is their Savior would mock the Sermon on the Mount, as he did. "

Jonathon Moseley said...

Also, didn't Obama refuse to participate in the annual prayer breakfast or national day of prayer? But then Obama did participate in RAMADAN ceremonies, which no other President has done. Why would a Muslim convert to Christianity REFUSE to participate in the prayer breakfast, but contiue to participate in RAMADAN ceremonies?

MRiello said...

Jonathon, God bless you friend for being honest and writing such a compelling article. The liberal's are trying to attack Christine using any tactic they can weather true or not hoping something sticks. I live in Delaware and am going to vote my conscious no matter what they try to sling at her. I just wish the truth is exposed about Chris Coons and his Marxist agenda.

Jonathon Moseley said...

Obama goes to church to hear a Muslim speaker!

(Sept. 20, 2010) — Yesterday, on Sunday, September 19, 2010, the Obama family attended church for only the third time in a year. They went on foot to the St. John’s Episcopal Church situated across the Lafayette Park.

But what is widely not reported by the White House and the MSM is that
on that particular Sunday in that particular church, Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, was the guest speaker. He was there to speak on the subject of “Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle-East.”

Sedate Me said...

Let's say ALL this empty theorizing is actually 100% accurate.

Why should anybody give a shit if he was, or still is, a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist or even dabbled in witchcraft? All that matters is the kind of policies he promotes and the kind of job he's doing.

They only purpose of brining up his religion is to try to de-legitimize him, his Presidency and his policies. To my knowledge, he has never proposed a policy that would directly, or even indirectly, affect any recognized religion. If anything, his shyness about religion suggests he would be even more unlikely to intrude on people's personal beliefs than others who wave their faith like a flag. (Usually a flag of political convenience.)

Why not waste your time arguing if President Chester Arthur was really a Canadian? Or how about arguing about whether or not Obama was born a girl and had a sex change?

None of this actually matters...unless you think American Christians should start engaging in door-to-door ethnic cleansing.

mdpatriot said...

The main stream media claims that an insistance that Obama is muslim and not christian is a flat out lie.

Obama claims he is christian and that alone should be taken at face value, and it probably would be if he hadn't displayed such blatant lies early in his presidential career.

Thank god we live in a country that we are able to express our opinions based on what see and not just hear (aka claims)

Jonathon Moseley said...

"Obama claims he is christian and that alone should be taken at face value,"

ME: This is a fundamental controversy, and is one of the roots of the issue.

Jesus DID NOT take at face value anyone's claims to believe in God or honor God.

Jesus spent most of His time in His ministry challenging the legitimacy of people's relationship with God, and exposing religious leaders and falsely pious people.

One of the main messages of Jesus is that a person's claim to be a Christian CANNOT be taken at face value.

Much of what Jesus preached is about people who falsely imagine that they are "okay" with God, but will be tragically surprised on Judgment Day.

But there is an assumption in American culture that if a person simply declares themselves to be a Christian, that is all that it takes to become a Christian.

Many view religion as nothing more than picking a favorite sports team. If you declare yourself a Florida Gator fan, then you are, simply by saying so.

That is not how Christianity works. You cannot become a Christian simply by saying you are one.

One preacher describes it this way: If you go out in the garage and sit on the garage floor, THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CAR. Simply sitting in church does not make you a Christian.

Simply saying you are an NFL football player does not make it so.

To be a Christian requires recognizing that Jesus Christ is the *ONLY* path to God, which Barack Obama has explicitly rejected categorically.

Being a Christian requires recognizing that Jesus Christ is (eternally) God who visited Earth in the body of a man, but was from before time the Creator of the universe, and that Jesus Christ -- being God -- died on a cross to pay for our sins against God.

Jesus' death on the cross makes no sense unless Jesus is God. We sinned against God. That very same God forgave us by suffering the penalty and His own wrath against us for our sins against Him.

No one but God could pay for our sins against God. No random human being could die on the cross to satisfy God's anger against us. Only God can settle our debts against God.

To be a Christian one must recognize (not just superficially, but on a deep level) that al human beings are hopelessly lost, hopelessly sinful, totally unable to save ourselves, totally unable to live properly, totally unable to please God in our own strength, totally unable to live by God's standards, and without any other hope of escaping hell.

Until you realize that you have no other hope but God's forgiveness, you cannot become a Christian.

To become a Christian requires understanding that you cannot be a good person in your own abilities, but that through God's great love God died to save you and pay for your sins and give you a second chance (and a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. chance).

Jonathon Moseley said...


That is absolute hogwash which the left-wing media spread to try to discredit me, when I was exposing some of their other lies about Christine O'Donnell.

Barack Obama is an "incomplete, almost Christian" who -- going through the same process every Christian goes through -- is on a halting road of fits and starts of discovery and stages of understanding on his path toward becoming a Christian. If Obama continues to seek the truth and is open to the truth, no matter how different from his desires, he should eventually complete his journey toward becoming a true Christian. But he is plainly not there yet, because he has declared things that contradict his claim to be a Christian.

MEANWHILE, even Mother Jones admitted THEY WERE WRONG in what they originally reported about Obama being a communist.

Mother Jones took an article written BY SOMEONE ELSE which appeared below my article on Sen. Obama's tax proposals, and CONFUSED my article with someone else's article.

The post about Obama's supposed connections to communist groups WAS NOT WRITTEN BY ME.

I believe that Accuracy in Media's news site has clarified the break between articles on their website, so that it is now clearer where my article ended and someone else's article begins.

Jonathon Moseley said...

Updated video link to see Barack Obama bowing to the Saudi King

Jonathon Moseley said...

And here is Barack Obama admitting to his Muslim faith, until corrected by Bill Clinton's former campaign consultant George Stephanopolous

Jonathon Moseley said...

Here is more video evidence of Obama's Muslim roots and upbringing.