Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama Apologies, While World Picks His Pockets

President Obama's diplomatic tour through Europe, Turkey, and Iraq is being loudly trumpeted as a great success by the mainstream media. However, Obama's "success" came mainly from embarrassing America and surrendering American interests, to the great delight of America's opponents. Concessions to other countries and signs of American weakness were well-received by other countries, yet not rewarded.

In what conservatives are calling his "Apologizing for America Tour," Obama took an astonishing 500 White House staffers and security personnel on a European tour. Obama traveled to London to attend the "G-20" summit of the 20 largest economies, seeking to develop a global, coordinated response to the economic crisis. Expanded from the previous G-7 series of summits, the G-20 summit was the largest meeting of heads of state since World War II.

The G-20 produced agreement on massive government spending, but also vast, new regulations. A new international board will have authority to intervene in U.S. corporations, including approving or disapproving business management decisions and executive salaries. There were vague promises for reform of the International Monetary Fund. However, the G-20 floated plans to turn the IMF into a one-world government "national" bank similar to the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. The IMF has agreed to sell gold to finance stimulus loans. Some actions could led to a global currency.

Obama announced to the world's leaders in Strasbourg that the United States has been arrogant. Obama confessed that America has had a "failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world" and a failure to "celebrate" the European Union and partner with the EU. Obama refused to visit the graves of U.S. soldiers who liberated Europe in World War II, to avoid upsetting the Germans. By contrast, no other world leader apologized for his or her country.
In fact, Europe's refusal to take on any leadership role has dominated world affairs. America's attempts to work together with Europe have been met with frustration. The USA has had to shoulder the burden of crises inside and near Europe chronically ignored by European leaders, such as Yugoslavia, Liberia, Sierre Leone, the Sudan, Darfur, and Afghanistan. During the Cold War, the U.S.A. spent trillions of dollars extending its military umbrella over Europe, allowing Europe to freeload and develop their civilian economies at America's expense.

In Turkey, Obama declared that the United States is not a Christian nation and does not consider itself a Christian nation. Obama declared that the US is not at war with Islam. Obama again apologized to Turkey for America's attitude.

During the Coalition invasion of Iraq, Turkey agreed to allow US troops to unload in Turkish ports and cross into Iraq. Then Turkey changed its mind in the middle of the operation, throwing U.S. war plans into chaos. Half of America's invasion force had to climb back onto ships, steam the long way around to Kuwait, and get in line behind other troops entering from the South. Weapons depots in the North were left unprotected, and fell into the hands of terrorists and insurgents. The North was not secured as planned. As a direct result of Turkey's betrayal, the war lasted years longer than it should have and thousands of US soldiers died. The original plan would have kept massive ammunition dumps out of the hands of the Jihadists and would have quickly controlled the North.

At the G-20, Obama bowed reverently to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah. []. This reinforced suspicions of Obama critics that he retains his religious training as a Muslim from his youth. By contrast, Obama did not bow to Queen Elizabeth of England, other than to simply look down from his greater height. []
Diplomatically, the summit placed the heads of state on an equal footing. Therefore, President Obama's sign of subservience and allegiance to the king of Saudi Arabia was both shocking and diplomatically wrong. Saudi's king was obliged to treat the President of the United States with the same respect as Obama gave. Of course, Saudi Arabia is the guardian of the Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Medina, making King Abdullah very important and revered among Muslims. Meanwhile, most of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 in 2001 were Saudis. Saudi Arabia has pretended to be America's friend, but Al Qaeda and anti-American terrorists are primarily funded by Saudi oil princes.

As a student in Indonesia, Obama was enrolled by his then-father Lolo Sotero in religious training as a Muslim, according to school transcripts. Doubts have persisted whether Obama has entirely left behind his Muslim roots. Since Muslims honor Jesus as a prophet -- just not as a Savior or as God in human form -- Obama's attendance at Rev. Wright's church is compatible with a continuing Islamic faith. Wright's Chicago church focused mainly on politics, and rarely if ever preach Jesus as being God or the Savior. (During the election, Obama claimed he had campaigned in 57 of the 58 States. There are 57 States in the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Obama seemed more familiar with the world's Islamic States than the United States.)

At the G-20, Obama's overtures were not rewarded. Europe refused to share the responsibility of rebuilding and securing Afghanistan. (Europe's shocking neglect of Afghanistan's crisis in the 1990's led to its domination by Al Qaeda and the Taliban.)

North Korea delivered Obama a slap in the face by launching a test missile across Japanese territory toward Alaska. Though claimed to be a satellite launch, the rocket was plainly a prototype for an intercontinental missile capable of dropping a nuclear bomb on the United States. North Korea has already developed and tested nuclear weapons. Obama's apologies for America and diplomatic efforts were met with embarrasment.

Russia immediately sabotaged Obama, rather than rewarding Obama's olive branch, by announcing that Iran poses no threat to the United States. This diplomatic bomb seriously prejudices upcoming talks, as Obama prepares to meet with Iran's President Ahmadinejad to negotiate. Russia has already declared that the U.S. has no legitimate interest to pursue in the talks. Thus, Obama's outreach to the world has been a dismal failure. Rather than earning respect, world powers have seized on his weakness to sabotage U.S. goals.

Muslim pirates from Somalia hijacked a U.S.-run ship for the first time, indicating that appeasement and apologies do not incresae respect for U.S. interests. The Arab League announced solidarity with the Sudanese government engaging in genocide in Darfur and the Sudan.

Since the world's nations mostly want to take advantage at the USA's expense, if they are completely happy, something is wrong. Major nations have their own goals, aims, pressures, and desires. There will inevitably be tensions and clashes of interests. Therefore, if other nations are thrilled with the American President, he is failing to stand up for America's interests. Even married couples and friends must compromise on what movie to see or what restaurant to eat at tonight. Obama came across as the friend who never has any opinion of his own, and does whatever he is told.

If giving away the store, or preparing to, is success, then Obama very effectively displayed America's weakness and lack of resolve and invited other countries to trample on American interests.

America's enemies and "frenemies" (enemies who pretend to be friends) applauded Obama's performance. One would expect when America's President is emptying out his pockets, bowing down, and giving away America's glbal interests, the world will be pleased.

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